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Then scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your contact information and catering event details.

Then click the button that says 'Submit Your Order!'.

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You bring the meat we bring the rest
These may be picked up or delivered
Meat can also be supplied
Max 4 salad choice min 10pp per salad
Min 10 person per hot item
Check out the dessert selection just click onto Desserts

I would like to order (per person)

   Choose 4
      Choose as many items as you wish to make your backyard BBQ the talk of the neighborhood cost is a ^^^1

      Creamy potato salad $2.50/pers

      Tomato pasta salad $2.50/pers

      Creamy cucmber salad $2.75/pers

      Bean and Lentil salad $2.75/pers

      Kale coleslaw $2.95/pers

      Greek potato salad $3.00/pers

      Caesar pasta salad $3.00/pers

      Grilled potato salad $3.25/pers

      Spinach salad $3.75/pers

      Marinated salad $3.75/pers

      Greek salad $4.00/pers

   Choose 4
      continued from above

      Veggie tray and dip $3.25/pers

      Watermelon feta $3.50/pers

      Curried rice and cashew salad $3.95/pers

      Quinoa vegetable $4.00/pers

      Grilled vegetable salad $4.95/pers

   Choose 4
      Hot Items

      Baked cream coirn $3.25/pers

      baked beans $4.00/pers

      Grilled onions, mushrooms and roasted garlic butter $4.75/pers

      Baked potatoes with sides $5.00/pers

      Baby potatoes with creamy dill sauce $5.50/pers

      4 pc.bacon wrapped baby potatoes with sour cream dip $5.95/pers

      Stuffed baked potatoes with cheese and bacon $6.50/pers

   Choose 4
      the above items are sent raw and are ready for you to BBQ

      Our amazing 6 oz beef burger ready to bbq ADD $5.00/pers

      Veggie blackbean mushroom burgers ADD $5.00/pers

      Greek style turkey burger 4 oz. $5.50/pers

      Chicken kebabs 4-5oz $7.50/pers

      Hawaiian Pork tenderloin kebab $8.50/pers

      Ginger Red wine beef kebabs $10.50/pers

Hot dog sliders - $10.95 per person   
Mini dogs in a mini bun with a topping platter of saurkraut, onions,pickles and ketchup mustard and relish
2 per person Min order 12pp
comes with macaroni salad and coleslaw

I would like to order (per person)

   Choose 4
      add quacamole $2.00/pers

      add grated cheddar cheese $2.00/pers

      add bacon crumble $2.50/pers

TexMex burger Bar - $16.95 per person   
6oz BBQ beef burger
buns and butter
Bar contains: :
ketchup mustard mayonnaise
refried beans, onions, lettuce, jalapenos, tomatoes, cheese sauce, salsa, quacamole, crispy fried tortillas

I would like to order (per person)

   Choose 2
      Bean and lentil salad


      Cowboy caviar

      Santa Fe Corn salad

      Brushetta peto pasta

      Caesar salad

      Spinach salad with fruit

   Choose 1
      add bacon baked beans $4.50/pers

   Choose 1
      spicy ovenfries $4.00/pers

      cajun tator cheese fries $7.00/pers

   Choose 1
      tortilla chips med bowl 15-20 $29.95/pers

      tortila chips lg. bowl 30-40 $56.95/pers

   Choose 1
      2 oz. burgers 2^^^1 instead of regular burger

Grilled summertime enchiladas - $18.95 per person   
Grilled chicken breast with fresh tomatoes, black beans, corn, chopped fresh herbs,smoked cheddar and jalopeno Havarti wrapped in a tortilla
Grilled salmon fillet with fresh dill, goat cheese and brie,,fresh tomatoes and grilled red peppers wrapped tortillas
salsa and sour cream
comes with rice

I would like to order (per person)

   Choose 2
      Grilled potato salad with asiago

      Curried rice and cashew salad

      Quinoa vegetable salad

      Caprese salad

      Kale coleslaw salad

      Marinated vegetable salad

      Veggie tray and dip

   Choose 1
      Key lime pie

      Fruit tarts and brownies


      Fruit tray with dips

      Cinnamon tortillas with strawberry salsa

      Cookie icecream sandwiches $2.00/pers

   Choose 1
      enchiladas 1/2 and 1/2

SLIDER MINI BAR - $21.95 per person   
This reception comes with
buns, condiments ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise and relish.
Also a platter of sliced tomatoes, dill pickles, lettuce and raw onion
3 pc. per person

I would like to order (per person)

   Choose 3
      beef slider

      turkey slider

      blackbean slider vegetarian

      pork slider


      fresh salmon slider $2.50/pers

      lamb slider $2.50/pers

   Choose 2
      stuffed potato salad

      Greek tomato salad

      Caesar salad bread bowl

      cucumber hummus boats

      Caprese salad on a stick

      Mariated tortellini salad

   Choose 2
      bacon bits, cheddar, gr. onion,and sourcream

      Quacamole and red onion

      carmelized onion and roasted garic

      wasabi mayo

      goatcheese and sundried tomato

      bluecheese and mushrooms

      chipotle cranberry sauce

      fresh tomato salsa

   Choose 1

fruit tray
with chocolate dip

      mini pies

      cookie icecream sandwich $0.20/pers

      cookie and candy bar $2.50/pers

Buttermilk ovenfried chicken - $21.95 per person   
2pc. chicken leg, thigh marinated in buttermilk tossed in our southern style coating and baked in the oven
comes with dill pickles

I would like to order (per person)

   Choose 1
      Bread and butter

      Garlic herb bread

      Baking powder biscuits and butter

   Choose 2
      Macaroni salad

      Bean and lentil salad

      Quinoa veggie salad

      New Orleans broccoli bacon salad

      Kale coleslaw salad

      Marinated vegetable salad

      Creamy coleslaw

      Veggie tray and dip

   Choose 1
      Maple baked beans

      Baked potato wedges

      baked yams $1.00/pers

   Choose 1
      Cookies and watermelon

      Carrot cake

      Mini apple pies


Pulled Mini BBQ Slider buffet - $22.95 per person   
3 per person with buns and biscuits
pickles and any condiments required.

min. 20pp

I would like to order (per person)

   Choose 2
      Chicken slider with bacon queso quacamole

      Pulled portabella slider

      Pulled pork slider topped with bacon saurkraut, gruyere, chipotle mayo

      Buffalo chicken slider with blue cheese

   Choose 1
      add pulled beef short rib slider with smoked cheddar and horseradish bbq sauce $6.50/pers

      add crispy duck Bahn Mi with garlic aioli and carrot radish slaw $6.95/pers

   Choose 1
      yam and potato medley with spicy salt

      Baked maple beans

      Poutine (fries baked with gravy and cheese

   Choose 2
      Mixed bean and lentil salad

      Grilled vegetable salad

      BBQ potato salad with bacon and cheese

      Watermelon feta salad


      Veggie tray and dip

      Caesar salad

   Choose 1

      Key lime tart

      mini pies

      Browniesand fruit tarts

      Fruit tray and

      cookie icecream sandwich $275.00/pers

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