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Mini cupcake platter - $11.95 per dozen   
Assorted cupcakes, decorated and iced
chocolate, banana, carrot, vanilla

I would like to order

Fruit, Cheese, Chocolate and Nuts - $120.00 each   
A cornucopia of slices and whole fruit, domestic and import cheeses, Belguim chocolates and mixed nuts with a honey dip on the side
25-30 pp.
40-50 pp.

I would like to order (each)

   Choose 1
      Small 25-30 ppl $120.00/ea

      Large 40-50 ppl $175.00/ea

Cinnamon Tortillas with Strawberry Salsa - $15.95 per dozen   
Cream cheese brown sugar and Mexican cinnamon filling in a tortilla and baked served with a strawberry lime salsa

I would like to order

Strawberry Chocolate Swirl Creampuffs - $24.95 per dozen   
Lg.creampuff filled with sweetened whip cream and strawberry slice then drizzled with chocolate

I would like to order

Deconstructed cherry pies - $24.95 per dozen   
Cinnamon pie fries served with a side of Saskatchewan cherry pie filling

I would like to order

Chocolate Cashew Banana Springrolls - $25.95 per dozen   
Chocolate cashews and banana wrapped in springroll paper deepfried and served with carmel sauce and whip cream.

I would like to order

Smore Springrolls - $32.95 per dozen   
Crunchy on the outside soft and gooey on the inside
egg roll paper wrapped around marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers then deep fried and served with nutella sauce

I would like to order

Jack Daniels bread pudding - $39.95/69.95 per dozen   
New Orleans delish dessert
toasted bread cubes,raisins, cinnamon and Jack Daniels and cream..
Serve with whip cream

I would like to order

   Choose 1
      small 12-15ppl $39.95/pers

      med. 25-30ppl $69.95/pers

Peanutbutter Pie - $40.00 per dozen   
Pie crust heaped with a fluffy peanutty cream filling and the top is coated in rich dark chocolate
Feeds 8-12

I would like to order

Key Lime Pie - $40.00 each   
Graham crumb crust topped with a tart key lime filling and then topped with mountain high whip cream

I would like to order (each)

Trifle (medium) - $59.95 each   
Traditional trifle layers of cake, fruit (saskatoon berries, strawberries, pineapple etc,)and a rich vanilla cream f15-20pp.

I would like to order (each)

Baked Brie with Fruit in Puff Pastry (large) - $59.95 each   
Large 9-10" baked brie topped with fruit and baked in puff pastry and served with
toasted fruit bread

I would like to order (each)

Chocolate Trifle (medium) - $59.95 each   
Layers of rich chocolate cake, fruit(cherries, strawberries and mandarins etc.) and decadent chocolate sauce

I would like to order (each)

Cookie Tray (medium, large) - $59.95/89.95 each   
Variety of cookies min. 3 types (chocolate chip, oatmeal skor cinnamon, peanutbutter, cranberry cereal cookie, lemon poppyseed,
, etc.
these are home made lg. cookies

I would like to order (each)

   Choose 1
      Medium( 30-36pc) $59.95/ea

      Large (50-60 pc) $89.95/ea

Assorted Loaves (large) - $65.95 each   
Minimum of three types
(requires 72 hours of notice)

Bananapineapple, Carrot creamcheese. Lemon poppyseed, Cranberry nut, Cinnamon swirl,Blueberry, etc.
60-70 slices served with butter and cream cheese

I would like to order (each)

Pastry Tray ( Medium / Large) - $95.95/140/95 each   
Assorted squares, tarts and pastry
(requires 50 hours of notice

min 6 types

I would like to order (each)

   Choose 1
      Medium tray 35-40pc. $95.95/ea

      Large 55-60pc. $140.95/ea

Chocolate Lasagna - $97.50/240.00 each   
Layers of rich chocolate fudge cake topped with a almond flavored cream cheese topped with chocolate pudding and cherries and repeated then garnished with chocolate chunks and fudge sauce

I would like to order (each)

   Choose 1
      med. 15-20pp $97.50/ea

      lg. 40-50ppl $240.00/ea

Entertainers Fruit tray (medium / large) - $99.95/149.95 each   
Ass't sliced fruit(depending on what is in season) Also included chocolate dipped fruit
a dip for the sliced fruit
some amaretti or soft biscotti

I would like to order (each)

   Choose 1
      Medium $99.95/ea

      Large $149.95/ea

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