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Celebration of Life

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Memorial breakfast - $11.95 per person   
Breakfast pastries muffins, dainishes, scones, butter and jam
fruit tray
creamcheese and breakfast cheeses
coffee cream and sugar
orange juice
min 50pp

I would like to order (per person)

   Choose 1
      ham and sausage plate $4.50/pers

   Choose 1
      Nutella and banana twists $4.50/pers

      ham and cheese crescent $5.00/pers

      fresh fruit with french toast $5.50/pers

      breakfast sandwich (bacon, cheese egg and hashbrown) $6.50/pers

Memorial Menu 1 - $16.95 per person   
Basic sandwiches with brown or white breads with various fillings meats, egg salad, cheese and vegetables
pickle tray
veggie tray and dip

I would like to order (per person)

Memorial Menu 2 - $17.95 per person   
Petite sandwiches 2per
cheese and pickles
veggie tray and dip
fruit tray
asst desserts
min 50pp

I would like to order (per person)

   Choose 1
      stuffed eggs $1.95/ea

      spinach and cheese quiche $1.95/ea

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