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Hot dog slider station - $12.95 per person   
Mini Nathan dogs (beef) in a mini bun 2 per person
comes with sides ketchup, mustard,relish, sauerkraut,onions, hot peppers
min 20pp

I would like to order (per person)

   Choose 1
      additional hot dog $4.00/pers

   Choose 1

      Boston bean salad

      Macaroni salad

      Veggie tray and dip

Poutine Bar - $12.95 per person   
Oven fries beef gravy, cheese curds
salt and pepper, ketchup, fresh tomato chunks, green onions, pickled jalapenos

I would like to order (per person)

   Choose 1
      pulled pork $4.95/pers

   Choose 1
      fried mushrooms garlic and onions $3.95/pers

   Choose 1


      blue cheese crumble $3.95/pers

   Choose 1
      vegetarian gravy $1.25/pers

   Choose 1
      crisp bacon crumble (2 slices ^^^1) $3.95/pers

Burger slider station - $13.95 per person   
Mini burgers on mini buns with ketchup mustard mayo and relish
tomato slices and onion slices,dill pickle slices
2 per person
MIN 12pp.

I would like to order (per person)

   Choose 2

       vegetarian plant based

      Greek pork

       turkey $2.50/pers

   Choose 4
      bacon $2.75/pers

      salsa and quac $3.00/pers

      cheese plate blue, mozza, swiss, cheddar $3.75/pers

   Choose 4
      add pickle plate includes sweets and sours and pickled peppers $2.50/pers

   Choose 2
      tangy coleslaw

      creamy potato salad

      macaroni salad

   Choose 1
      extra burger with fixins $4.95/

The Ukrainian - $14.95 per person   
Assorted Kiebassa slices (4 types) with asst mustards
potato and cheese perogies (4-5per) tossed in butter and onions

min order 20pp

I would like to order (per person)

   Choose 3
      sour cream

      crispy fried onions

      bacon crumble


      sriracha dipping sauce


   Choose 1
      mushroom dill cream sauce $3.00/pers

   Choose 4
      American mustard


      sweet spicy mustard

      horseradish mustard

      maple mustard

Mac and Cheese Bar - $14.95 per person   
Buttered macaroni in a cheddar cheese sauce with assortment of sides
grated cheddar, salsa, ketchup, crushed cheetos, baby green peas,jalapenos, crispy onions,garlic croutons

I would like to order (per person)

   Choose 2
      sliced beef hotdogs $2.95/pers

      bacon crumble $3.95/pers

   Choose 2
      cheese curds $3.95/pers

      blue cheese crumble $4.95/pers

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