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Man Cave Snack MAN U

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Bang Bang chicken and shrimp platter - $109.95-375.95 each   
A spicy buttermilk sriracha panko coating on chicken breast strips and large shrimp served with a sweet chili mayo

I would like to order (each)

   Choose 1
      small feeds 6-8pp 18pc. chicken 18pc. shrimp $109.95/pers

      med feeds 12-15 chicken 36pc and shrimp 36 pc. $195.95/pers

      large feeds 20-25 chicken 65pc. and shrimp 65 pc. $375.95/pers

Beer soaked chili cheese fries - $12.95 per person   
You betcha we take some delicious locally brewed beer soak our fresh cut potato fries overnight drain and cook. We also send some of Greg's delicious spicy beef chili grated cheddar and a bowl full of jalapenos and You have a football game to remember OH YAAH!!!!
min order 12pp

I would like to order (per person)

Crispy fried pickles - $15.95 per dozen   
Dill pickles in a crunch breadcrumb coating deepfried

I would like to order

   Choose 2


      chipotle mayo

Mac and cheese stix - $15.95 per dozen   
Imagine a very cheezy mac and cheese cut into stix breaded and fried and served with marinara sauce. Finally you can eat your mac and cheese with your hands oh you do already :) but now its crunchy

I would like to order

Bacon Candy Platter - $150.95 each   
Well you have your chocolate dipped bacon your brown sugar bourbon bacon you have your bacon jam bacon onion rings
served with a veggie tray and dip just to keep it healthy

I would like to order (each)

   Choose 1
      small 8-10ppl 150.95

Bacon Tator tots - $17.95 per dozen   
These are just too much fun tator tots wrapped in bacon and cheddar baked and served with spicy mayo betcha you cant just eat a dozen

I would like to order

Sausage roll bites - $18.95 per dozen   
Cocktail sausages wrapped in a butter mustard basted puff pastry and served with mustards

I would like to order

   Choose 2
      Chipotle mustard sauce

      Honey Dijon

      Cranberry mustard maple sauce

      Regular old mustard

      Guiness mustard

Bloomin onions - $18.95 per person   
Whole onion cut into sections but kept whole then battered and deep fried and served with outback sauce

I would like to order (per person)

Bacon wrapped Jalapeno poppers - $18.95 per dozen   
No Man U would be complete with out cheese stuffed jalapenos wrapped in bacon baked till the bacon is crisp and cheese starts to ooze

I would like to order

Mini Corndogs - $18.95 per dozen   
Mini Nathans on a stick dipped into a cornmeal batter and fried served with mustard and ketchup and sriracha to dip it in

I would like to order

   Choose 1
      change to a footlong $4.00/pers

Huli Huli ribs - $19.95 per dozen   
These taste sooo good that careful when you lick your fingers you don't mistake it for a rib
his Hawaiian treasure has pineapple, soy, ginger garlic, chili and ketchup
baked slowly in the oven i can hear you now yelling huli huli

I would like to order

Dessert Ball - $29.95 each   
Reeses peanutbutter cheese ball with asst wafers
Yes this is as good as it gets
4" ball

I would like to order (each)

Pull apart cheese and bacon bread - $32.95 each   
Sourdough loaf of bread stuffed full of grated cheese crisp bacon and green onions

I would like to order (each)

Dessert Item - $36.95 per dozen   
Nutella and Banana bacon crescents tossed in cinnamon suga

I would like to order

   Choose 1
      without bacon

      with bacon $12.00/pers

Fools Gold Sandwich - $44.95 each   
Just the way Elvis liked it
French loaf buttered on the outside and baked to crisp it up a little then on the inside peanutbutter, grape jelly and a pounfd of crisp bacon
Feeds 4-6 or one hunka hunka man

I would like to order (each)

Oinkers - $46.95 per person   
Spicy BBQ pulled pork served with soft buns crispy onions and chicharron crumble

I would like to order (per person)

   Choose 1
      extra sauce $1.00/pers

      cheddar cheese slices $1.95/pers

Southern comfort - $47.95 per dozen   
Not the booze silly
mini waffles with 2 pc crispy crunchy fried chicken and served with some delicious maple syrup

I would like to order

Bacon cheeseburger bomb sliders - $47.95 per dozen   
Well its an explosion in your mouth is all I can say
mini burger stuffed with cheese wrapped in bacon cooked and served with a bun and we still send ketchup mustard pickles and fried onions

I would like to order

Baked Cubano sliders - $47.95 per dozen   
Small soft dinner buns buttered and topped with roast pork, ham, swiss cheese and dill pickle then basted with a mustard butter sauce and baked in the oven Lordy lordy that is going to taste mighty fine

I would like to order

Dessert dip - $49.95 each   
Cheesecake dip with sprinkles and graham crackers and cookies to dip into

I would like to order (each)

   Choose 1
      med 10-15pp $49.95/pers

Dessert pie - $49.95 each   
Everyone loves pie esp hand pies

I would like to order (each)

   Choose 2
      apple crumble

      apple cheddar



      pumpkin skor whipcream

      peanutbutter chocolate

BBQ dinosaur beef bones - $6.95 per person   
2 bones per person of prime rib bones seasoned covered in tangy BBQ sauce and slow roasted in the oven/ min 12pp.

I would like to order (per person)

Giant Italian Muffalleta - $75.00 each   
This monster sandwich will feed 6 or 1 monster
Giant sourdough hollowed out and layer upon layer of deli meats, cheeses, antipasto and hot peppers weighted down overnight to marinade and served to some very hungry couch potatoes. I need 72 hr. notice

I would like to order (each)

Walking Taco - $8.95 per person   
You guessed it a bag of nachos and some toppings to drop in. Just remember to lick the bag :)Min 2 doz.

I would like to order (per person)

   Choose 1
      nacho beef

      pulled pork

      bacon and fried onions

   Choose 2
      green onions chopped

      pickled peppers

      diced tomatoes

      sliced black olives

   Choose 2
      shredded cheddar

      shredded monteray jack

      med heat fresh tomato salsa


Take me out to the Ballgame - $9.95 each   
Hotdogs get your hot dogs and not just any hot dog Nathans the same ones they serve at Yankee stadium
comes with buns and topping station and of course Ketchup mustard and relish

I would like to order (each)

   Choose 1
      beef chili

      pulled pork

      bacon and fried onions

   Choose 3

      chopped raw onion

      med heat fresh tomato salsa

      shredded cheddar

      blue cheese chunks

      jalapeno slices


      shredded mozzarella

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